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Tradtional New Build

Heritage Brickwork Restoration have the knowledge and expertise to create an extension to your historic property that will, by using traditional methods and techniques, match the original building.

Lime mortar has been used in the construction of brick and stone buildings since ancient times. Most pre-nineteenth century buildings used lime mortars and plaster. Materials used to repair original masonry should have similar properties.

Heritage Brickwork Restoration are experienced specialists in the use and application of natural lime mortars which is enjoying a revival in new build projects because of its many attractive properties, high elasticity, excellent breathability and low capillarity.

Lime mortar is not as strong in compression as conventional mortar, therefore it does not adhere as strongly to the masonry, meaning it can accommodate movement and is less prone to cracking. These properties are beneficial when used with old bricks or masonry, which tend to be softer than modern bricks and easily damaged by harder mortars.

Lime mortars are also more water absorbent than conventional mortar, acting to draw any dampness out of the brickwork or stone.

Visually pleasing, lime mortars hold great appeal for architects because of their ability to be coloured and matched to complement local stone and brick. Ecologically, natural lime mortars aid C02 re-absorption and condensation control so their future potential as a modern building material is enormous. If you have a period or listed property and are planning to add to this, it is important both for appearance and the structure of the building, that any additions are built with the appropriate materials using traditional techniques to attain as sympathetic a match to the original as is possible.

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